7 Halloween Costumes Only a Sock Lover Will Understand

7 Halloween Costumes Only a Sock Lover Will Understand

October 12, 2017

With Halloween quickly approaching, we know some of you are late to the game with your costume ideas. We’re here to help! We recruited our new Creative Content Intern, Hanneh, to illustrate some cool ideas that the sock lover in your life will really appreciate.

Frankensock. Step up Your Frankenstein game with a fresh pair of socks.

With the Stranger Things premier right around the corner, there’s no better time to be Eleven.

Don’t just wear your Sock Fancy socks….why not BE A SOCK FANCY SOCK SUBSCRIPTION?!?

The classic, Sock Monkey.

Grab a junior bacon cheeseburger, some nugs and rep Wendy’s all night long.

Step up Your Sock game with our personal favorite, Rich Uncle Pennybags!

What about a get-up for Fido? We heard Sock-O-Lanterns are the hottest canine costume for 2017.

We hope this inspires you to bust out your favorite pair of Sock Fancy socks and make them the star this Halloween. Be sure to share your costumes with us on Instagram and Facebook, we may have some spooky special treats for the best ones!

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