BOLD Collaborator @ 2019-07-03 10:24:01 -0400

If crew socks aren't the first thing that come to mind when thinking about summer fashion, you may not be alone - but that doesn't make you right! Here are 6 ways to rock our Summer '19 collection alllllll summer long. 😎

1. With shorts! Rising temps means rising hemlines, too! Everyone knows that the best way to rock out with your sock out is with shorts, so be sure to grab our Summer '19 box before they run out!

2. At the gym! Whether you're maintaining your beach bod or working on finally achieving beach bod for 2020, our socks are the perfect way to make a statement in the weight room. Our Summer Collection goes great with leggings, running shoes, basketball shorts, and more!

3. With a suit! Wedding season is in full swing - and though you probably wear the same suit or two every time a loved one ties the knot, that doesn't mean your outfit has to be boring. Our Summer '19 socks can spice up your look and, as a bonus, act as a conversation starter with Great Aunt Agnes.

4. After a long day in the sun! Seriously. Is there a better feeling than showering off that salt and sand - or chlorine - and getting cozy in some clean clothes? Curling up with some fresh Seasonal socks on your feet after the pool or beach is the epitome of peak relaxation.

5. At the office! Unfortunately, paying the bills requires most of us to spend a good chunk of our summer at the office. You might not be able to enjoy the season as much during the workweek, but you can keep a little summer fun on your feet with our Summer '19 Seasonal Box.

6. In the winter! It's probably hard to imagine eventually being cold during the dog days of summer, but you'll really want to throw on a pair from our summer collection when the sun sets at 5 PM and you can't feel your toes. It'll remind you of the fun you had in the summer months (back when you weren't frozen).