7 Types of Couples Who *Need* a Sock Fancy Couples Subscription

7 Types of Couples Who *Need* a Sock Fancy Couples Subscription

February 06, 2019

Are you sick and tired of bae stealing your socks? Or are you constantly embarrassed by his worn-out Hanes that he's been wearing since the 10th grade? Look no further - Sock Fancy's here to save the day with a Valentine's Day gift that's both sweet and useful. 

That's right! Sock Fancy Couples Subscriptions are back by popular demand, just in time for the lovey-doviest holiday all year. Here are seven types of couples that need a Sock Fancy subscription in their life.

1. The Matchy Couple

Because how cute would it be to be known as the couple who wears fun socks together? Subtle, but still pretty freakin' cute.

2. The Hipster Couple 

When carefully picking out which slouchy beanie and beat up pair of Doc Martens to wear, now you can add a funky pair of statement socks to peek out from your skinny jeans.

3. The Laundry-Avoiders

Instead of arguing about whose turn it is to do laundry, Sock Fancy will deliver you both a fresh pair of socks each and every month. No more hunting underneath the dryer for your sock's missing mate - we've got you covered.

4. The Parents

When you have a little one, it can seem like they take over every part of your relationship. Texts from the babysitter might interrupt your date night, but a Couples Subscription from Sock Fancy will be something the two of you can enjoy together - if only for a minute.

5. The Eccentric Couple

Some couples like to make a splash with their fashion choices. When paired with a funky pair of shoes, Sock Fancy socks are a surefire way to demonstrate your originality - and compatibility.

6. The PDA Lovers

You're already so sickly sweet that you give cavities to random passersby. Why not push it over the edge with socks that scream "we're together"? 

7. The Cuddly Couple

Because seriously, what's worse than an ice cold foot grazing your leg when you're all tangled up? 

It's not too late to give Sock Fancy for Valentine's Day - print off our gift receipt, grab a box of chocolates, and let Sock Fancy do the rest. What are you waiting for?

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