CUSTOMer Spotlight: MemberClicks

CUSTOMer Spotlight: MemberClicks

October 30, 2018

The gifting season is almost upon us, and bosses around the world are scratching their heads about what to give their awesome employees. As useful as paper weights and company-branded pens are, don't you think your team deserves a better "thank you"? If you're looking for ideas, just ask MemberClicks, a management software company that has outfitted their clients, customers, and employees with custom Sock Fancy socks.

I mean, just look at this happy team!

Thanks to Sock Fancy, MemberClicks always has the coolest booth at the convention. Who doesn't wanna be spotted wearing these bad boys?

Who knew business and pleasure had so much in common!

Our deadline to get your custom socks by the end of the year is fast approaching, so don't hesitate! Email us at for more deets. Your team will thank you!

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