Please Allow me to Introduce Myself

Please Allow me to Introduce Myself

April 10, 2017

After four years of churnin’ out the sock game, we decided it may be time to give y’all a little glimpse into the inner workings of Sock Fancy. What better way than to introduce you to the masterminds behind the Sock Fancy concept? Enter Stefan Lewinger and Futhum Tewolde. Childhood friends, former roommates, current sock slingers, turned business partners. 
Sock Fancy originated from a simple idea of providing customers with unique, high quality, awesomely random socks at a manageable price point. With the initial onset of subscription services on the rise, a snap decision turned into a full-fledged monthly delivery for sock lovers across the world…that’s right, and free international and domestic shipping (shameless plug, whatttt). Four years later, we are still designing and sending out fresh socks to thousands of mailboxes a day from our headquarters in Atlanta. A major upgrade from the original ping pong table in the living room. 
Now let’s seamlessly move on with the introductions. Yep, all about the puns.

Meet Stefan:

Role at Sock Fancy: Chief Executive Officer

Favorite sock design: Stag Grey- I’m a Baratheon at heart and Ours is the Fury.

Go-to office tunes: Anything with a beat keeps me going, but when no one is around, I’ve been known to jam out to The Biebs a time or two.

Four Fancy Facts about you:

I was Time Magazine’s Person of the Year in 2006

I have a sock-shaped birthmark on my right knee. I was born for this.

I prefer food to be room temperature.

I never met a mandarin orange I didn’t like.

Meet Futhum:

Role at Sock Fancy: Chief Operations Officer- which really means that I focus on finding solutions for any and all problems

Favorite sock design: Throwback 90's- The 90’s revival is back in a real way. When these socks were designed my first thought was, “if I were transported to the 90’s in these, I’d fit in perfectly.”

Go-to office tunes: Outkast and “Throw it in the bag” by Fabolous

Four Fancy Facts about you:

1) My name directly translates into “the truth” in Tigrinya (language spoken in Eritrea/Ethiopia). This means that I both am the truth and I have never told a lie.

2) I just started sleeping with an eye mask- which I think is fancy as hell.

3) I don’t eat fruit out of a can, except for when office snacks are low. And that was like one time.

4) Because of the above eye mask, I sleep 12 hours a night.

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