Successful People Wear Cool Socks

Successful People Wear Cool Socks

December 31, 2018

You may be well on your way to that promotion without even noticing! A series of recent studies have shown that people who wear colorful socks are generally more confident, successful, flexible and higher-earning.  

And no, we didn't rig these results. 

Choosing bold socks is a bold move. And people respect bold. In a sea of black and brown socks, you choose to wear a turquoise pair with neon yellow pineapples. When you sit down for the weekly staff meeting, people are peeking under the table waiting to catch a glimpse of those wild and crazy ankles of yours.  

Still not convinced? Well, you can't argue against science. When we feel better about what we're wearing, we are more confident. People take note of that confidence and their perception changes. You gain an edge of "unexpectedness" and in turn, the guts to take a few more risks. All from wearing crazy socks? Yup.

So, if you are over conforming to the norm- take a page from our book. Successful people wear cool socks. Time to get in on the trend and start seeing the the benefits! 

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