Take a Look Behind the Scenes of Sock Fancy's Shark Week Collab

Take a Look Behind the Scenes of Sock Fancy's Shark Week Collab

July 26, 2018

For everyone here at Sock Fancy HQ, 2018 has been the year of the Shark. The Sock Fancy x Discovery partnership marks the first huge collaboration we've done as a company, and it's been all hands on deck since it became official back in March. Now that Shark Week is in full swing, we finally have a chance to catch our breath and watch as boxes fly off the shelves and as fans worldwide rock their favorite styles in board shorts and business suits.

Andy packing up a 6 pack for a Shark Week finatic!

I decided to sit down with our graphic designer, James, for a little insight into the creative process of designing the collection.

What was your inspiration behind the collection?

Giving Shark Week fans good looking socks they can be excited about and feel confident wearing.

Some sharky doodles from James's desk

Of the six, which is your favorite style?

I love all of the socks, I really do think they all turned out great. But, I’d have to say the Great White socks are my favorite!

What was the most fun part of this whole process?

The most fun part of Shark Week has been seeing these designs being worn all over the country and purchased with such excitement.

James making the finishing touches on Phintastic Blue

What was the toughest part of the design?

It was tough to design interesting socks that looked good separately and as a set. Also, trying to break out of a blue-only color scheme was difficult, but I’m really happy with where we landed.

Tell us about some socks you designed that didn't make the final cut.

In the process of creating the 6 pack, we produced a lot of designs that didn’t work out. Mostly, because we were very careful to make sure that each sock could stand alone and fit together as a pack. For example, we designed a sock we called “Coral Camo” that was really popular in the office, but we had to cut it because it didn’t strengthen the overall look of the complete set.

Our favorite reject!

Another reject - a Leopard Shark inspired style

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