The Three Hassle-Free Ways to Gift Sock Fancy

The Three Hassle-Free Ways to Gift Sock Fancy

December 05, 2018

Nailing the gifting season takes strategy, planning, and dedication. Timing is crucial, and the stakes are high. But, you know what they say about the best laid plans. Have you ever ordered your gift too late and had to reschedule your gift swap for January? Or gotten way ahead of yourself and ordered too early, only to feel awkward on Christmas morning when your gift has long since been given (and forgotten about)?

If you want to press the easy button this December, let Sock Fancy do what it does best. We have three no-hassle ways that you can gift Sock Fancy. Who knew nailing the holiday season was just a few clicks away?

1. Pick your ship date

With our new Buy Now, Ship Later feature, we can ship your gift out on any date of your choosing. Ship around the 17th to ensure a near-Christmas delivery, or select a January shipping date for a post-holiday surprise. Either way, you get your holiday shopping done now so you don't have to stress later.


2. Print a gift receipt

Our holiday printable gift receipt is the perfect placeholder if you don't want to fuss with timing. Just fill in your giftee's name, print it out, and wham. Perfect gift, no hassle. This is great for when you don't know the gift recipient's shipping address - I'm looking at you, Secret Santa - or when you wait til the last minute to buy. Oops!

3. Gift in person

If you'd prefer to wrap your giftee's first pair and put it under the tree, simply enter your shipping address in at checkout. The first order will be sent to you, so you can be there to see the joy on their face when they realize that their sock game just got upgraded. Update the shipping address on file before their second order ships via your account page, or reach out to Ella at, and the rest of the orders will be delivered straight to their mailbox.

So there you have it - the easiest gifting experience you'll ever have, besides being a kid and having your mom buy your gifts for you. What are you waiting for?

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