Top 10 Ways to Make this Shark Week Killer

Top 10 Ways to Make this Shark Week Killer

July 17, 2018

Now that we’ve made it through the craziness of Memorial Day weekend and the Fourth of July, we can set our sights on what everyone’s favorite summer event really is - Shark Week. There’s no risk of sunburn, no insane holiday traffic, and no potential run-ins with jellyfish. You can enjoy all the star-studded programming of Shark Week from the comfort of your own home - no SPF needed. This year, Discovery is celebrating Shark Week’s 30th anniversary - #HBDSW - and thankfully, you still have a week to make all your preparations. To give you a head start, we've compiled ten surefire ways to make this Shark Week killer.

So take notes, people! Shark Week airs Sunday, July 22nd through Sunday, July 29th.

1. Watch Jaws, the quintessential summer shark movie

What better way to get into the mood for Shark Week than with the movie that arguably started America's fascination with sharks. The sinister animatronic Great White accompanied by his signature orchestral warning sign brings me back to my childhood and makes me mildly thankful I'm stuck in landlocked Atlanta.

2. Sport the Discovery™ X Sock Fancy Shark Week Collection 

Our collaboration with Discovery™ has made it possible to celebrate Shark Week all the way from your head to your toes. Strut your stuff from the boardwalk to the boardroom rocking these six sharky styles. You can pick out your favorites or purchase all six together and save $15 (I'm just sayin', Shark Week is 8 days long...) Shop our Shark Week collection here

3. Cuddle up with a shark from Build-a-Bear Workshop

If you're kicked back on the couch all week, you're definitely going to need a cuddle buddy to keep you company. These Build-A-Bear plushies are adorable on their own or decked out in board shorts, bro tanks, and flip flops. The toughest choice you'll have to make is between the Great White or Hammerhead - or go all out and get both because why not! Shop here or in stores.

4. Nab some sharky shades from Knockarounds

You don't have to be at the beach to rock these bad boys - Knockarounds' 4th annual Shark Week collection will have you celebrating Shark Week all year long. Polarized lenses are framed by jawsome shark teeth and sea blue details. To sweeten the deal, $5 from each pair you buy will be donated to Oceana (see tip #6 for more deets!). Style for a good cause? I can get behind that. Shop here!

5. Throw a Shark Week watch party

You know what they say - the more the merrier! What better way to get the whole squad into the Shark Week spirit than throwing a watch party with shark-inspired decor and snacks. A quick Google search will point you in the right direction, but I'm feeling these sharky pudding cups with gummy sharks, graham cracker sand, and a tropical drink umbrella. For more mature guests, try this ocean blue Great White fishbowl - or if you're running short on time, some Landshark Lagers will do the trick in a pinch!

6. Donate to Oceana

With all the festivities, it can be easy to forget the point of Shark Week - spreading awareness for shark conservation and educating the masses about our underwater friends. Oceana is an international advocacy organization focused on ocean conservation. Sharks, in particular, are vulnerable to over exploitation due to the high demand for their teeth, fins, and jaws. Donations to Oceana will help them protect and restore vulnerable shark populations. Donate here - or you can even adopt a great white shark here! 

7. Download the Discovery Go app

Who says you need to be curled up at home to enjoy the excitement of Shark Week? With the Discovery Go app, you can watch all the sharky programming your heart desires anywhere you please! You can catch Bear Grylls doing something you should definitely not try at home while you're waiting at the DMV, or see Guy Fieri get his tips even more frosted in the Bahamas while you pretend to get work done after your lunch break, or watch Shaq mistake Shark Week for Shaq Week in the back of your Uber. The possibilities are endless!

8. Rock Vineyard Vines' Shark Week collab

The only thing cuter than the Vineyard Vines whale mascot is the Vineyard Vines whale mascot dressed up as a shark. Founded on Martha's Vineyard, Vineyard Vines has always had a beachy vibe. But their shark-inspired collection will transport you straight to summertime freshness. Their Shark Week collection includes board shorts, t-shirts, and bikinis. Shop for them here!

9. Get fierce at the pool with these floaties

I'm a total sucker for novelty pool floaties, but these take the cake for coolest pool purchase of the summer. Sold exclusively at Walmart, the official pool lounge of Shark Week comes in Tiger Shark (shown above), Hammerhead Shark, and of course the mighty Great White. For a mere $30 bucks, you can spend all day humming "duh-nuh..." and sneaking up behind your loved ones. You really can't put a price on that. Grab them all here!

10. Treat your office with shark-inspired cupcakes

I'm always looking for an excuse to make tasty homemade baked goods and finding hungry people to pawn them off on. Next week, I'm planning on whipping up a few batches of shark-inspired sweets for my coworkers. Bikini season is almost over anyway, right? Ocean blue frosting with candy melt shark fins will surely get the whole office pumped up for Shark Week - or maybe that's just the sugar buzz.

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