When Socks Replace the 3 p.m. Snack Break

When Socks Replace the 3 p.m. Snack Break

June 27, 2017

We all know the feeling. The 3 p.m. slump. You start getting restless after putting in hard time at the office. That once full, satisfied and happy person from lunch is starting to fade away. A low grumble in the belly emerges and you become a hangry mean person.



Time to take a few minutes away from the desk, you tell yourself. Since naps aren’t socially acceptable in the workplace (yet!) you do a quick lap around the cubes and head for the break room.

Straight ahead, the glow from the vending machine catches your eye. What’s on the menu today? Oatmeal creme pie? Feeling a little healthier…how about a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos?

And then you see it. A vending machine…of socks. Every color, pattern and style imaginable, all within arms reach. Go ahead and get you a pair. They’ll immeasurably boost your office swag and come with a whole lot less regret than eating 600 calories of honey buns.

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